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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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here as its incessant change from place to place.
People, goods, thoughts, and things, are in a
perpetual state of movement and interchange between
state and state, between the North and the South,
between the East and the West; nothing stands
still; nothing stagnates, unless exceptionally.

The commencement of my wanderings in this
hemisphere was in the northeastern states of the
Union. I found there earnestness and labor,
restless onward-striving, power both manual and
spiritual; large educational establishments,
manufactories, asylums for the suffering, and institutions
for the restoration of fallen humanity, were all
admirable there, and, above all, the upward-progressive
movement of society. I saw, before the
winter set in, the glorious Hudson, with its
magnificent scenery, its shores covered with wood,
which at that season presented the most wonderful
splendor and variety of color; I saw the rivers
of Connecticut and Massachusetts, the hills and
valleys of which often reminded me of Sweden,
for the scenery of Sweden and that of these two
states resemble each other greatly, inasmuch as
they have the strong characteristics of winter,
snow and ice, and the dramatic scenes which these
afford both of suffering and pleasure. After that
I saw, in the South, the Palmetto States, Carolina
and Georgia, and there I was enchanted by a

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