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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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seized in Boston and carried back into slavery.
The people were in a great ferment, but they made
no open opposition. The law commanded it, and
they obeyed; but the bells of the city tolled as for
a funeral. How I sympathized with my friends
in this their country’s great sorrow—that now
there should not be a single spot of earth within
the Union which can be said to be an asylum for
freedom! They are exasperated, not against the
South, but against that portion of the people of
the North who, for the interests of mammon, or
the cotton interest, as the phrase is, have given
up this noblest right. The South has fought for
an ancient, half-won right; the North has no such

Niagara, Sept. 7. I now write to you with the
rivers from this grand, renowned New World’s
wonderful waterfall roaring and murmuring
around me. And it is grand, and worthy to be
renowned and wonderfully beautiful, and yet, at
the same time, so simple and comprehensible in its
grandeur, that one at once receives the impression
both into soul and sense, and retains it indelibly.

The next day we went with a carriage and horses—a
mode of traveling which is beginning to be
uncommon here—to Trenton, in order to see the
waterfall, which is cousin to Niagara in

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