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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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reputation. It is a wild and violent fall, hurling itself
through an immense chasm of rock directly down
a height of certainly a quarter of an English mile.

The scenery at Trenton, N. Y. is wild and
picturesquely beautiful, but circumscribed. It is of
a Berserker character. We spent the whole day
at Trenton, in company with the giant and the
scenery around. The inn was a good and comfortable
one, as are nearly all the inns in this country,
and was situated in a romantic stretch of dale
scenery. We ate well and we slept well, and the
next day we returned to Utica, and thence pursued
our way still further west. The sun was still
with us and the country rich and fertile as before.
During our rapid journey, however, something
took fire in the train, in consequence of the friction
of wood and iron, and we were obliged to wait
that it might be extinguished. We took it all very
coolly, enjoyed ourselves sitting in our luxurious
arm-chairs, with the sense of something like
adventure, and watched how expertly and with how
much calmness they set about to avert the danger.
The train had stopped just beside a large and
beautiful orchard, which was separated from the
railroad by a rather low wooden fence. I had just
called Maria Lowell’s attention to the really
paradisaic beauty and perfection of some young apple-trees,
the fruit of which was brilliant with the most

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