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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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vivid red and golden yellow color, when, to my
astonishment—and I must confess to my grief
also—I saw a number of young men, passengers
of the train, from twenty to thirty years of age,
well dressed and well looking in all respects, leap
over the fence into the orchard, and in the most
merciless manner fall upon and despoil those
beautiful fruit trees. Precisely those young,
beautiful trees which I had remarked became the prey
of this robber-greed, were dragged down, their
branches broken, plucked off amid the laughter
and talk of the company, and then came many
others from the train and leaped over the fence
and into the orchard. But now a voice was heard
in the distance, and that voice must have sounded
to those apple-covetous sons of Adam something
like the voice of the Lord when it was heard in
the Garden of Eden by the first Adam after that
first eating of the forbidden fruit, although not
perhaps quite so awfully. Certain, however, it is,
that they took to their heels, and threw over the
fence, on to the road, all the apples they could
snatch from the tree, and sprang laughing, and
still throwing apples before them, over the fence
and into the carriages, leaving the owner of the
orchard to contemplate his despoiled and injured
trees. I confess that this apple-scene and the spirit,
in which it was done very much astonished me.

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