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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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so-called “Rochester knockings,” or that species of
witchcraft which has so long revealed itself here
and there in the West—the goblin of the West, as
I call it—and which has now for some time been
heard in Rochester, or wherever the young women
of the name of Fish may chance to be. It is given
out that these knockings are the operation of
spirits who attend these sisters, and who are in
communication with them. A number of persons in
the city had visited the sisters, heard the knockings,
seen tables walk off by themselves over the floor,
and many other wonderful things performed by
these spirits. Some believed in them, but the
greater number did not, considering the young
women to be cunning impostors, who themselves
produced these noises and strange occurrences.

As these sisters, the Misses Fish, received payment
for letting the public see and hear them, it
appears all the more probable that this may be
the case. Nevertheless, they had themselves solicited
investigation, had consented to be bound hand
and foot in the presence of a committee, consisting
of some of the most respectable people of the
city, during the whole time the noises and knockings
were heard around them; and the committee
published in the newspaper a declaration, signed
by their names, stating that nothing had been
discovered which gave reason to suspect these young

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