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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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women of imposture. Since then, they have been
left at peace; but the better class of townspeople
seem to regard it as a proof of bad taste and want
of judgment to visit these ghostly ladies. I have
from my earliest youth heard so much about spectral
affairs, and have myself heard such things as
I can not explain by the ordinary, well-known
powers of nature—and I had so frequently, during
my travels in America, heard and read in the
newspapers of “The Western Knockings and Rappings,”
that I was very curious to hear them with
my own ears. The young Lowells partook of
my curiosity, and our friends in Rochester
conducted us, therefore, to the place where, for the
present, they were to be heard. The first glance,
however, of the two sisters convinced me that,
whatever spirits they might be in communication
with, they were not of a spiritually respectable
class. Very different must be the appearance of
such persons as have communion with the higher
spiritual beings. For the rest, I came to the
conclusion, from what occurred during this visit, and
which in certain respects was extraordinary
enough, that the spirits did not understand Swedish,
for they ought not in any case to have permitted
themselves to be defied and threatened in
Swedish as they were by me; that these wonderful
knockings and tricks were either effected by these

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