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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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young sisters themselves—and they looked to me
quite capable of it, however incomprehensible it
might seem that they could manage to perform
some of the tricks—or that they were the work
of spirits of a similar disposition to these sisters,
and in rapport with them. I may call these spirits
the little Barnums of the spiritual world, who, like
the great Barnum of America, amuse themselves
with leading by the nose any persons who will be
so led, and who receive their pranks in serious
earnest. I do not doubt but that the spiritual
world has its “humbugs,” even as our world has,
and it does not seem to me extraordinary that they
endeavor to make fools of us. I am, however,
surprised that intelligent people can be willing
to seek for intercourse with their beloved departed
through the medium of these knocking spirits, as
is often the case. The sorrow of my heart and
doubt of my mind might do a great deal; but it
seems to me that I would rather never hear upon
earth any tidings of my beloved dead than hear
them through these miserable knockings. The
intercourse of spirits, angelic communion, is of a
higher and holier kind.

Chicago, September 24. I must now tell you
of some agreeable Swedes who reside here. They
are Captain Schneidau and his wife, and Mr.

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