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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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fresh, courageous spirit was changed into quiet
patience. She had now a small, new-built house,
in a more healthy situation than where they had
formerly lived, and very near the little Lutheran
church. The church is very ornamental, but as
yet unfinished internally. Here I saw somewhat
above thirty children, Swedish and Norwegian,
assembled to hear a lecture—a little company of
kindly-looking, fair-complexioned, blue-eyed
children! They were for the most part children of
persons in low circumstances, who lived about the
neighborhood on small farms. They learn in the
school to read and write, as well in English as in
their mother tongue. There are very few Swedes
resident here. At Milwaukee, and in that part of
Wisconsin, there are a great many. . . .

My friends here deplored the chaotic state and
the want of integrity which prevail in political
affairs, and which may be principally attributed
to the vast emigration of the rudest class of the
European population, and the facility with which
every civil right is obtained in the state. A year’s
residence in the state gives the immigrant the right
of a citizen, and he has a vote in the election of the
governors both of the city and the state. Unprincipled
political agitators avail themselves of
the ignorance of immigrants and inveigle them by
fine speeches to vote for the candidate whom they

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