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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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laud, and who sometimes betrays them. The better
and more noble-minded men of the state are
unable to compete with these schemers, and
therefore do not offer themselves; hence it most
frequently happens that they are not the best men
who govern the state. Bold and ambitious
fortune-hunters most easily get into office; and once
in office, they endeavor to maintain their place by
every kind of scheme and trick, as well as by
flattering the masses of the people to preserve their
popularity. The ignorant people of Europe, who
believe that kings and great lords are the cause of
all the evils in the world, vote for that man who
speaks loudest against the powerful and who
declares himself to be a friend of the people.

P.S.—Jenny Lind is in New York, and has been
received with American furor—the maddest of all
madness. The sale by auction of the tickets for
her first concert is said to have made forty
thousand dollars.[1] She
has presented the whole of her
share of profit from that first concert to benevolent
institutions of New York. Three hundred ladies
are said to besiege her daily, and thousands of
people of all classes follow her steps. Hundreds
of letters are sent to her each day. Ah, poor girl!
Hercules himself would not be equal to that.

[1] The actual proceeds amounted to almost eighteen thousand
dollars.—Ed. Note.

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