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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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dances and games, their star-songs and hymns,
must give to the western land a new element of
life and beauty. They must continue to be such
a people in this country that earnestness and mirth
may prosper among them, and that they may be
pious and joyful at the same time, as well on
Sundays as on all other days. And they must learn
from the American people that regularity and
perseverance, that systematizing in life, in which
they are yet deficient. A new Scandinavia shall
one day bloom in the valley of the Mississippi in
the great assembly of peoples there, with men and
women, games, and songs, and dances, with days
as gay and as innocent as this day among the
Swedes at Pine Lake!

During this day I put some questions to all the
Swedes whom I met regarding the circumstances
and the prospects of the Swedes in this new
country, as compared with those of the old, and their
answers were very nearly similar, and might be
comprised in the following:

“If we were to work as hard in Sweden as we
do here, we should be as well off there, and often

“None who are not accustomed to hard,
agricultural labor ought to become farmers in this

“No one who is in any other way well off in his

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