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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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native land ought to come hither, unless, having
a large family, he may do so on account of his
children; because children have a better prospect
here for their future than at home. They are
admitted into schools for nothing; receive good
education, and easily have an opportunity of
maintaining themselves.

“But the old, who are not accustomed to hard
labor and the absence of all conveniences of life,
cannot long resist the effects of the climate,
sickness, and other hardships.

“Young unmarried people may come hither
advantageously, if they will begin by taking service
with others. As servants in American families
they will be well fed and clothed and have good
wages, so that they may soon lay by a good deal.
For young and healthy people it is not difficult to
get on well here; but they must be prepared to
work really hard, and in the beginning to suffer
from the climate and from the diseases prevalent
in this country.

“The Norwegians get on better in a general
way than the Swedes, because they apply
themselves more to work and housewifery and think
less of amusement than we do. They also
emigrate in larger companies, and thus can
help one another in their work and settling

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