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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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free from underwood as if it had been carefully
uprooted. This is attributed to the practice of
the Indians to kindle fires year after year upon
these grass-grown fields, whereby the bushes and
trees were destroyed; and it is not many years
since the Indians were possessed of this tract of

As we proceeded, however, the land became a
little more cultivated. One saw here and there a
rudely-built log-house, with its fields of maize
around it, and also of new-sown wheat. We then
reached a vast billowy prairie, Liberty Prairie,
as it is called, which seemed interminable, for our
horses were tired and evening was coming on; nor
was it till late and in darkness that we reached
Koshkonong, and our Norwegian driver, who
came from that place, drove us to the house of the
Norwegian pastor. This, too, was merely a small

The Norwegian pastor, Mr. [A. C.] Preus, had
left Norway to come hither only a few months
before. His young and pretty wife was standing
in the kitchen, where a fire was blazing, boiling
groats as I entered. I accosted her in Swedish.
She was amazed at first, and terrified by the late
visit, as her husband was from home on an official
journey, and she was here quite alone with her
little brother and an old woman servant; but she

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