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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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received us with true Northern hospitality and
good will, and she was ready to do everything in
the world to entertain and accommodate us. As
the house was small, and its resources not very
ample, Mrs. C. and her sister drove to the house
of an American farmer who lived at some little
distance, I remaining overnight with the little
Norwegian lady. She was only nineteen, sick at heart
for her mother, her home, and the mountains of
her native land, nor was she happy in this strange
country, and in those new circumstances to which
she was so little accustomed. She was pretty,
refined, graceful; her whole appearance, her dress,
her guitar which hung on the wall, everything
showed that she had lived in a sphere very
different from that of a log-house in a wilderness,
and among rude peasants. The house was not in
good condition; it rained in through the roof.
Her husband, to whom she had not long been
married, and for love of whom she had come from
Norway to the New World, had now been away
for several days; she had neither friend nor
acquaintance in the new hemisphere. It was no
wonder that she was unable to see anything beautiful
or excellent in “this dreadful America.” But
a young person, good and lovely as she is, will not
long remain lonely among the warm-hearted
people of this country. Her little nine-year old

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