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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and knew how to make use of the ground. They
help one another in their labor, live frugally, and
ask for no pleasures. The land seems to me, on
all hands, to be rich and has an idyllic beauty.
Mountains there are none; only swelling hills
crowned with pinewood. About seven hundred
Norwegian colonists have settled in this neighborhood,
all upon small farms, and often at a great
distance from one another. There are two
churches or meeting-houses in Koshkonong.

The number of Norwegian immigrants at this
time in Wisconsin is considered to be from thirty
to forty thousand. No very accurate calculation
has, however, been made. Every year brings
new immigrants, and they often settle upon tracts
of land very distant from other colonists. I have
heard of one called “Luther’s Dale,” nearer Illinois,
which is said to be large and remarkably
flourishing, and under the direction of an
excellent, active pastor, Mr. Claussen.

Wisconsin is a state for agriculture and the
rearing of cattle; the land in many parts, however,
and in particular around Madison, where
it is appropriated by the Federal government
for supplying an income to the State University, is
already very dear. It has been purchased by
speculators at the government price, a dollar and a
quarter per acre, and resold by them for not less

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