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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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evanescent, and evanescent in his philosophic flights as
the fugitive wind which sweeps across the prairie and
brings forth from the strings of the electric telegraph
melodious tones that sound and die away
at the same moment. How grand is the impression
produced by this infinite expanse of plain
with its solitude and its silence! In truth, it
enables the soul to expand and grow, to have a freer
and deeper respiration. That great West! Yes,
indeed; but what solitude! I saw no habitations
except the little house at which I was staying; no
human beings, no animals; nothing except heaven
and the flower-strewn earth. The day was beautiful
and warm, and the sun advanced brightly
through heaven and over earth, until toward
evening, when by degrees it hid itself in light clouds of
sun-smoke, which, as it descended, formed belts,
through which the fiery globe shone with softened
splendor, so that it represented a vast pantheon
with a cupola of gold standing on the horizon
above that immeasurable plain. This Temple
of the Sun I shall never forget.

St. Paul, Minnesota, October 25, 1850.
Scarcely had we touched the shore when the
governor of Minnesota, Mr. Alexander Ramsay, and
his pretty young wife, came on board and invited
me to take up my quarters in their house. And there

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