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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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I am now; happy with these kind people, and
with them I make excursions into the neighborhood.
The town is one of the youngest infants of
the Great West, scarcely eighteen months old, and
yet it has in this short time increased to a
population of two thousand persons, and in a very few
years it will certainly be possessed of twenty-two
thousand, for its situation is as remarkable for
beauty and healthfulness as it is advantageous for
trade. Here the Indians come with their furs
from that immense country lying between the
Mississippi and the Missouri, the western boundary
of Minnesota; the forests still undespoiled of their
primeval wealth and the rivers and lakes abounding
in fish offer their inexhaustible resources,
while the great Mississippi affords the means of
their conveyance to the commercial markets of the
world, flowing, as it does, through the whole of
central America down to New Orleans. Hence
it is that several traders here have already
acquired considerable wealth, while others are
coming hither more and more, and they are building
houses as fast as they can. . . .

The city is thronged with Indians. The men, for
the most part, go about grandly ornamented
and with naked hatchets, the shafts of which serve
them as pipes. They paint themselves so
utterly without any taste that it is incredible.

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