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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Sometimes one half of the countenance will be painted
of a cinnamon-red, striped and in blotches, and
the other half with yellow ditto, as well as all
other sorts of fancies, in green and blue and black,
without the slightest regard to beauty that I can
discover. Here comes an Indian who has painted
a great red spot in the middle of his nose; here
another who has painted the whole of his forehead
in small lines of yellow and black; there a
third with coal-black rings around his eyes. All
have eagles’ or cocks’ feathers in their hair, for
the most part colored, or with scarlet tassels of
worsted at the ends. The hair is cut short on the
forehead, and for the rest hangs in elf-locks or in
plaits on the shoulders both of men and women.
The women are less painted, and with better taste
than the men, generally with merely one deep red
little spot in the middle of the cheeks, and the
parting in the hair on the forehead is dyed purple. I
like their appearance better than that of the men.
They have a kind smile and often a very kind
expression, as well as a something in the glance
which is much more human; but they are evidently
merely their husbands’ beasts of burden. There
goes an Indian with his proud step, bearing aloft
his plumed head. He carries only his pipe, and,
when he is on a journey, perhaps a long staff in
his hand. After him, with bowed head and

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