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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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stooping shoulders, follows his wife, bending under the
burden which she bears on her back, and which a
band, passing over the forehead, enables her to
support. Above the burden peeps forth a little
round-faced child with beautiful dark eyes; it is
her “papoose,” as these children are called. Its
little body is fastened by swaddling-clothes upon
its back on a board which is to keep its body
straight; and it lives, and is fed, and sleeps, and
grows, always fastened to the board. When the
child can walk it is still carried for a long time on
the mother’s back in the folds of her blanket.
Nearly all the Indians whom I have seen are of
the Sioux tribe. . . .

I was extremely curious to see the inside of one
of those tepees or wigwams, the smoke and fires of
which I had so often seen already; and as we
chanced to see, soon after entering the Indian
territory, four very respectable Indian huts, I hastened
to visit them.

The interpreter had gone out. Governor
Ramsay had also seated himself. The Indians
filled their pipes; the flames flickered merrily;
the kettle boiled; the women, half reclining or
sitting carelessly by the firelight, ate or looked at me.
And I—looked at them. With inward wonder
I regarded these beings, women like myself, with
the spirit and the feelings of women, yet so unlike

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