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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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myself in their purpose of life, in daily life, in the
whole of their world!

I thought of hard, gray, domestic life in the
civilized world; a home without love, hedged in by
conventional opinion, with social duties, the duty
of seeking for the daughters of the family suitable
husbands, otherwise they would never leave the
family; and with every prospect of independence,
liberty, activity, and joy closed, more rigidly closed
by invisible barriers than these wigwams by their
buffalo hides; a Northern domestic life—such a
one as exists in the vast number of Northern
homes—and I thought that that Indian hut and that
Indian woman’s life was better, happier as earthly

Thus had I thought in the gas-lighted drawing-rooms
of New York and Boston, in the heat and
the labor of being polite and agreeable; of
conversation and congratulation; of endeavoring to look
well, to please and to be pleased, and—I thought
that the wigwam of an Indian was a better and a
happier world that that of the drawing-room.
There they sat at their ease, without stays or the
anxiety to charm, without constraint or effort,
those daughters of the forest. They knew not
the fret and disquiet, the ennui and the fatigue,
which is the consequence of a brief hour’s social
worry; they knew not the disgust and the bitterness

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