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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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which is produced by little things, little vexations,
which one is ashamed to feel, but which one must
feel nevertheless. Their world might be monotonous,
but in comparison it was calm and fresh
within the narrow wigwam, while without there
was free space and the rustling forest open to them
with all its fresh winds and odors. Ah!

But again I bethought myself of the Indian
women—bethought me of their life and condition;
with no purpose and no other prospect in life than
to serve a husband whom they have seldom chosen
themselves, who merely regards them as servants,
or as a cock regards the hens around him. I saw
the wife and the mother humiliated by the entrance
of the new wife into the husband’s dwelling, and
his affection being turned to the stranger in her
sight, and in the same home, and in the fire-light
of that same hearth which had been kindled on her
marriage day, saw her despised or neglected by the
man who constituted her whole world. Ah! the
wigwam, the free space of the forest, had no
longer peace or breathing room for the anguish of
such a condition; alleviation of its agony or its
misery is found merely in degradation or death.
Winona’s death-song on the rock by Lake Pepin;
Ampato Sapa’s death-song on the waters of the
Mississippi, when she and her children sought for
the peace of forgetfulness in their foaming depths;

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