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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and many other of their sisters who yet to this day
prefer death to life, all testify how deeply tragical
is the fate of the Indian woman.

North America is not altogether to blame with
regard to her Indians. If the Indian had been
more susceptible to higher culture, violence and
arms would not have been used against him, as
is now the case. And altogether the earlier
missionaries, strong in faith and filled with zealous
ardor, succeeded in gathering around them small
faithful companies of Indian proselytes, yet it was
evidently rather through the effect of their individual
character than from any inherent power in the
doctrines which they preached. When they died
their flocks dispersed.

Sometimes white men of peculiar character have
taken to themselves Indian wives, and have
endeavored to make cultivated women of them; but in
vain. The squaw continued to be the squaw;
uncleanly, with unkempt hair, loving the dimness
of the kitchen more than the light of the drawing-room,
the ample envelopment of the woolen blanket
rather than tight lacing and silken garments.
The faithful wife and tender mother she may
become, constant to home and the care of her family
as long as her husband lives and the children are
small; but when the children are grown up, and
if the husband be dead, then will she vanish from

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