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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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her home. When the birds warble of spring and
the forest, and the streams murmur of renovated
life, she will return to the wigwams of her people
in the forest or by the river, to seek by their fires
for freedom and peace. This wild life must
assuredly have a great fascination.

Oct. 1850, in Minnesota. This Minnesota is a
glorious country, and just the country for
Northern emigrants—just the country for a new
Scandinavia. It is four times as large as England; its
soil is of the richest description, with extensive
wooded tracts; great number of rivers and lakes
abounding in fish, and a healthy, invigorating
climate. The winters are cold and clear; the
summers not so hot as in those states lying lower on
the Mississippi. The frosts seldom commence
before the middle of September.

What a glorious new Scandinavia might not
Minnesota become! Here the Swede would find
again his clear, romantic lakes, the plains of Scåne
rich in corn, and the valleys of Norrland; here the
Norwegian would find his rapid rivers, his lofty
mountains, for I include the Rocky Mountains and
Oregon in the new kingdom; and both nations,
their hunting-fields and their fisheries. The
Danes might here pasture their flocks and herds,
and lay out their farms on richer and less misty

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