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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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everywhere be purchased at government prices, one
dollar and a quarter per acre. I have been told that
the Norwegian pastor in Luther’s Dale, Mr. Clausen,
is intending to remove hither with a number
of Norwegians in order to establish a settlement.
Good! There are here already a considerable
number both of Norwegians and Danes. I have
become acquainted with a Danish merchant,
resident here, who has made a considerable fortune in
a few years in the fur trade with the Indians, and
who has built himself a large and handsome country
house at some little distance from the city. His
wife, who is the daughter of an Indian woman by
a white man, has the dark Indian eye, and features
not unlike those of the Feather-cloud woman, and
in other respects is as much like a gentlewoman as
any agreeable white lady. I promised this kind
Dane, who retains the perfect Danish characteristics
in the midst of Americans, that I would, on my
return, in passing through Copenhagen, pay a visit
to his old mother and convey to her his greeting.

And here I may as well remark, en passant, that
the children of Indian women by white men
commonly attach themselves to the white race. They
are most frequently fine specimens of humanity,
although not of a remarkably elevated kind. They
are praised for their acuteness of eye and the
keenness of their perceptive faculties generally. I

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