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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Full resolution (TIFF) - On this page / på denna sida - Oct. 1850, in Minnesota - On the Mississippi, Oct. 24, 1850 - Oct. 25

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have heard that the greater number of the
steersmen of the Mississippi boats belong to this
half-breed race.

A young Norwegian woman lives as cook with
Governor Ramsay. She is not above twenty and is
not remarkably clever as a cook, yet she receives
eleven dollars per month wages. This is an
excellent country for young servants.

On the Mississippi, Oct. 24, 1850. Floating
down the Great River, “the Father of Rivers,”
between Indian camps, fires, boats, Indians standing
or leaping, and shouting, or rather yelling, upon
the shores; funeral erections on the heights;
between vineclad islands, and Indian canoes paddling
among them. I would yet retain these strange
foreign scenes; but I proceed onward, passing
them by. We leave this poetical wilderness, the
region of the youthful Mississippi, and advance
toward that of civilization. The weather is mild,
the sun and the shade sport among the
mountains—a poetical, romantic life!

Oct. 25. Sun-bright, but cold. The Indians
have vanished. We have passed the Prairie du
the idol-stone of the red Indian; the
Indian graves under the autumnally yellow trees.
The hills shine out, of a splendid yellow-brown.
The ruins and the pyramids of primeval ages stand

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