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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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This was said with so much earnestness, and so
much grace at the same time, that the giant woman
seemed struck by it.

“No, well! wait a bit!” she said angrily; and,
after she had vehemently blown out a great puff
of tobacco-smoke by way of a parting token, she
rose up and went into her own apartment.
The power of cultivation had gained the victory
over rudeness; the gods had conquered the

When I returned to my quarters in Keokuk,
Iowa, it was quite dusk; but it had, in the meantime,
been noised abroad that some sort of
Scandinavian animal was to be seen at the
inn, and it was now requested to come and show

I went down, accordingly, into the large saloon,
and found a great number of people there, principally
of the male sex, who increased more and
more until there was a regular throng, and I had
to shake hands with many most extraordinary
figures. But one often sees such here in the West.
The men work hard and are careless regarding
their dress; they do not give themselves time to
attend to it; but their unkempt outsides are no type
of that which is within, as I frequently observed
this evening. I also made a somewhat closer
acquaintance, to my real pleasure, with a little

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