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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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consists of Scandinavians, Germans, Irish, and French,
yet there too is the legislative and the formative
spirit of the Anglo-Norman.

In certain respects, the character of the Western
States is different from that of the Eastern. It
has more breadth and cosmopolitanism; its people
are a people of many nations, and it is asserted
that this character betrays itself in a more liberal
form of state government, as well as more
unprejudiced views and an easier mode of social life.
The various religious sects become more and more
amalgamated; the clergy prophesy the advent of
a Millennian Church, which shall gather all sects
into its embrace, and maintain the necessity of
secular education, of science, and of polite literature,
for the full development of the religious life.

The cities of the West are all of them
preeminently cosmopolitan cities. The Germans
have their quarters there—sometimes half the city,
their newspapers, and their clubs; the Irish have
theirs; and the French theirs. The Mississippi
River is the great cosmopolitan which unites all
people, which gives a definite purpose to their
activity, and determines their abode, and which
enables the life of every one, the inhabitants
themselves and their products, to circulate from the one
end to the other of this great central valley.

And now let me speak of the American people.

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