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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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water, and fruit—who is nourished by the light,
that he may preserve himself pure from the taint of
anything earthly—and who, not finding Christianity
pure enough for his diluted moral atmosphere,
adopts that noble socialism which exists
merely to communicate benefits and blessings; and
beside him is the worshiper of Mammon, who
tramples everything spiritual under his feet, and
who acknowledges nothing holy, nothing which
he can not and will not sacrifice to his idol—self.
Every contrast of temperament, character, disposition,
endeavor, which can be imagined to exist in
human nature, may here be met with, and may here
express itself with a more decided spiritual life.

I have frequently in the New World, and that
in many different classes of society, heard it
remarked of people that they belonged to “the best
men” or “the best women;” and it has struck me
how well people in general seem to understand
the phrase, and how much they are agreed upon it.
I have found also that these best men and women
are commonly distinguished by intelligence,
kindness, and active human love; and I do not believe
that so much is done in any country by private
individuals for the public as in this, in particular in
the free states. The feeling for the public weal,
for the improvement of the country and the people
at large, for the elevation of humanity, can

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