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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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When I imagine to myself a Millennium in the
valley of the Mississippi, a resting-point in the
history of the earth, where Satan is bound, and love,
beauty, and joy, and the fullness of love become
the portion of all, I then behold there men and
women such as my friends in homes such as their
homes; and I see these mighty rivers bearing from
these flowery prairies with their ocean-like views,
and from these golden fields of maize, all the
treasures of earth to all mankind, and mild, fresh
winds blow over it, and the clear sun shines. Such
was the glorious home of the Hesperides! . . .

I was traveling in the Northwestern Mississippi
States just at the time when the annual election
of state officers was going on. These elections
and the scenes to which they gave rise struck
me as a sort of political game or race; and the
spirit which impels these gamblers and wrestlers
on this scene of action is often little better than that
of the ordinary gambling-houses. The gambling
and rival parties, Whigs and Democrats, are very
little ashamed of puffing their candidate or
depreciating that of the opposite party. Newspapers
are full of abuse and lies, outcries of treachery
and of danger to the fatherland; flags are displayed,
and great placards are posted in the streets
with words of warning or exhortation, “Beware
of the Whigs!” “The Democrats are

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