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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Incendiaries!” “Vote for the Whigs, the true friends of
our country!” “Vote for the Democrats, the
preservers of popular rights!” and so on. The
nearer the day of election approaches, the stronger
becomes the agitation, the more violent the cry,
the personal abuse, and the threats. One might
imagine that the torch of discord was about to be
lighted in every city, that the Union was at the
point of being torn to shreds, and that every
citizen was in danger of being attacked by his
neighbor. During all this I could not but think of two
men whom I had seen on the banks of the Hudson,
each enlisting passengers for his steamboat, and
abusing that of his rival, hurling angry words and
threatening glances at each other, while their
lips often seemed to curl into a smile when
they had said anything magnificently bad of the

Much of the great political agitation here
during the time of the elections has much the same
meaning; the candidates and their soldiers fix
bayonets in their glances and their words; the
ballot-box is put in motion; everything becomes silent;
the votes are thrown in amid the utmost order; a
pause ensues; the ballot-box is emptied, the votes
are read aloud and counted; the election is
declared. The men of office are elected for one
year or for two; the governor of some states is

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