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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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elected for four years, as is the case with the
President of the United States; in others merely for
two, in others again for one. But with the election
all is at an end; nobody makes any objection,
but all go quietly to their own homes, ready to
obey the new magistracy, and to console themselves,
as Jacob Faithful did, with “better luck
another time!” Rockets ascend in the quiet
evening in honor of the successful candidate,
and the whole city goes to bed and sleeps

It will be seen that no talent or character of
eminence runs any risk in the United States of not
finding an opportunity for the exercise of all its
powers. The best proof of this is, indeed, the number
of distinguished statesmen, judges, or clergymen
who year after year continue to adorn the
Senate of the country, the judges’ seat, and the
pulpit, and of whom the people are as proud as
monarchical realms of their kings and heroes. It
is generally mediocrity or talent of an imperfect
kind which rushes into this violent rotation, and
which goes up and down until it has acquired
sufficient strength and completeness to remain stable
at some one point.

There is one principle of movement in the
United States which seems to me like a creative,
or, at all events, an organizing power. This is

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