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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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the movement of association. The association,
founded already in the Federal government of the
states-an association of states, governed by a
general principle or Constitution-exists as a
fundamental feature of popular life. These people
associate as easily as they breathe.

Life in this country need never stand still or
stagnate. The dangers lie in another direction.
But this free association is evidently an organizing
and conservative principle of life, called forth to
give law and centralization to the floating atoms,
to the disintegrated elements. . . .


November 29. Sculpture has in the United
States a much greater hope of successful progress
than painting; and in Hiram Powers America has
produced an artist of the highest class, not so much
as a creative genius as for feeling and execution.
His Proserpine, his Listening Fisher Boy, his
Greek Slave, have been admired in old Italy. The
expression, so refined and so full of soul, is as
admirable in his works as the perfected beauty of the
form. His creations seem to live.

Hiram Powers was born in Cincinnati, and
worked there as a poor boy in the shop of a
watchmaker. Here he even then showed his peculiar
genius. Some of the affluent men of the city took
charge of the promising boy and furnished him

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