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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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with the means of studying and of traveling.
Foremost among these was Mr. Longworth, and to
him Powers sent, as a token of gratitude, his first
original creation in marble. I say creation,
because there is nothing in this work which speaks
of labor. It is a figure so complete, so living and
beautiful, that it is not to be described. It is the
bust of a woman the size of life. They have
called it Genevra, but why I know not. It ought
to be called Galatea, because Pygmalion Powers
has infused into her vitality which requires only a
divine indication to breathe; or rather, it ought to
be called the American, because the peculiar beauty
of the features, the form and action of the head
and neck, are those of the American woman. There
is none of the Greek stiffness in it; it is a regularity
of beauty full of life and grace, and the expression—yes,
thus ought she to look, the woman of the
New World, she who, sustained by a public spirit
full of benevolence, may without struggle and without
protest develop the fullness and the earnestness
of her being; thus ought she to smile, to glance,
to move, reposing in this as in a world of truth,
goodness, and beauty; thus ought she to be firm,
and yet pleasing; thus divinely wise; thus
angelically harmonious and kind; thus ought she to
work! And then, then shall ascend the new day
of the New World!

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