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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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was renewed, to my great amusement, certainly
six or seven times during an hour or two each
evening. A little crying, it is true, always
accompanied it; but the perseverance and the calm good
humor of the little Cupid were as remarkable as
his beauty, worthy of an Albano’s pencil.

Dec. 1850. I saw three young brides at a
bridal party the other day, all of them very
handsome, one remarkably so, for a beautiful soul
beamed in her countenance. I said to her with
my whole heart, “God bless you!” I saw on this
occasion many beautiful toilettes and many beautiful
faces. The American ladies dress well and
with good taste. And here, indeed, one seems to
meet nothing but handsome faces, scarcely a
countenance which may be called ugly. Yet,
nevertheless, I think it would be a refreshment to see such
a one, if in it I found that beauty which seems to
me generally, not always, to be deficient in these
truly lovely human roses, which I may compare
to the dewy rose-bud in its morning hour. There
is a deficiency of shadow, of repose, of the
mystery of being, of that nameless, innermost
depth, which attracts the mind with a silent power
in the consciousness of hidden and noble treasure.
There is a deficiency of that quiet grace of being
which in itself alone is beauty. Am I unjust? Is

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