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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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it the glitter of the drawing-room and the
chandelier which bewilders me?

One observation I consider as well founded.
Artifice and vanity exercise no less power over our
sex in this country than they do in the great cities
of Europe, and far more than in our good Sweden.
Some proofs of this fact have almost confounded
me. The luxurious habits and passion for pleasure
of young married ladies have not unfrequently
driven their husbands to despair and to
drunkenness. I once heard a young and handsome lady
say, “I think that ladies, after they are married,
are too little among gentlemen. When I go to a
ball I always make it a duty to forget my children.”

Noah’s Ark on the Mississippi, Dec. 18. The
steamer Belle Key is of the family of the river
giants. I call it Noah’s Ark, because it has more
than a thousand animals on board, on the deck
below us and above us. Immense oxen, really
mammoth oxen, so fat that they can scarcely walk—cows,
calves, horses, mules, sheep, pigs, whole
herds of them, send forth the sound of their gruntings
from the lower deck, and send up to us between
times anything but agreeable odors; and on
the deck above us turkeys gobble—geese, ducks,
hens, and cocks crow and fight, and little pigs go
rushing wildly about among the poultry pens.

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