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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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December 21. I must now tell you about some
new acquaintances whom I have made on board.
First, two young sisters from Vermont, real
rosebuds in their exterior and with souls of the purest
crystal, genuine daughters of New England even
in this that, though they might live in ease in their
own home, they prefer as teachers to earn their
own bread and thus obtain an independent life for
themselves. You would be as much fascinated
with them as I am. The eldest sister is twenty-five,
and is now on her way to undertake the management
of a ladies’ seminary in the State of Mississippi.
The younger is only seventeen, and is going
as a pupil in the school where her sister is teacher.
Both are most charming girls, and each of them
has her favorite brother, of whom they cannot say
enough in praise, and whose portraits they have
shown me. Their parents are dead. They are
here quite alone on the vessel. Sometimes they
stand together on the piazza and sing duets
together very sweetly.

The eldest is the loveliest type of the young
teacher of the New World, that young woman,
who, although delicate and slender in figure, and
gifted with every feminine grace, stands more
steadfastly upon her ground than the Alps or the
pyramids of the earth; who interprets Euclid and
algebra as well as any Master of Arts, and who

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