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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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understands better than any how to manage a
school of unmanageable boys. I saw once more
Hiram Powers’s American, but not merely in
marble, in living reality.

My other agreeable acquaintance on board is a
gentleman between forty and fifty, with one of
those pure, handsome countenances in which
one can not help having full confidence, and which
reminds me of our king, Gustavus Adolphus, from
its frankness and manliness, although it has less
of the warlike in expression. My new friend is
somewhat phlegmatic and contemplative. His
conversation gives me especial pleasure. Do not
be afraid if I tell you that he has lived long in the
Southern States as a planter and a slave owner;
you may see immediately, by his beautiful deep
blue eyes, that he was the best of masters in the
world. Are you afraid that I am in love with him,
and in spirit do you see me give him my hand and
settle down on a cotton plantation on the Mississippi
in the midst of negro slaves?

Yes, if I were younger, and if my life’s purpose
were less decided than it now is, I confess that
there is here and there one of these American
gentlemen, with their energy, their cordiality, and
chivalric spirit, who might be dangerous to my
heart. But as it now is, I receive every sentiment
of cordial liking which is evinced toward me, by

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