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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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there exists no ordinary executive power able
to administer the law according to its usual
forms. After this execution, which I believe occurred
last year, Vicksburg became a creditable place.

New Orleans, Louisiana, Jan. 1, 1851. In one
of the slave houses I saw a gentleman whose
exterior and expression I shall never forget. He
seemed to be the owner of the slaves there, and
my companion requested permission for himself
and me to see them. He consented, but with an
air, and glance at me, as if he would annihilate
me. He was a man of unusual size, and singularly
handsome. His figure was Herculean, and
the head had the features of a Jupiter; but majesty
and gentleness were there converted into a hardness
which was really horrible. One might just as
well have talked about justice and humanity to a
block of stone as to that man. One could see by
the cold expression of that dark blue eye, by those
firmly-closed lips, that he had set his foot upon
his own conscience, made an end of all hesitation
and doubt, and bade defiance both to heaven and
hell. He would have money. If he could, by
crushing the whole human race in his hand, have
converted it into money, he would have done
so with pleasure. The whole world was to him
nothing excepting as a means of making money.
The whole world might go to rack and ruin so

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