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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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to mount upon the platform, where she remained
standing beside him. She was a tall, well-grown
mulatto, with a handsome but sorrowful countenance
and a remarkably modest, noble demeanor.
She bore on her arm a young sleeping child,
upon which, during the whole auction ceremonial,
she kept her eyes immovably riveted, with her head
cast down. She wore a gray dress made to the
throat, and a pale yellow handkerchief, checked
with brown, was tied round her head. The auctioneer
now began to laud this woman’s good
qualities, her skill and her abilities, to the
assembly. He praised her character, her good
disposition, order, fidelity; her uncommon
qualifications for taking care of a house; her piety, her
talents, and remarked that the child which she bore
at her breast, and which was to be sold with her,
also increased her value. After this he shouted
with a loud voice, “Now, gentlemen, how much for
this very superior woman, this remarkable, etc.,
etc., and her child?”

He pointed with his outstretched arm and forefinger
from one to another of the gentlemen who
stood around, and first one and then another
replied to his appeal with a short silent nod, and
all the while he continued in this style: “Do you
offer me five hundred dollars? Gentlemen, I am
offered five hundred dollars for this superior

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