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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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wicked, would they feel the difference between
then and now—how horrible would be their lot!
The mother in particular, whose whole soul was
centered in her child, and who, perhaps, would
have soon to see that child sold away, far away
from her—what would then be her state of
mind! No sermon, no anti-slavery oration could
speak so powerfully against the institution of
slavery as this slave-auction itself! The master
had been good, the servants good also, attached
and faithful, and yet they were sold
to whoever would buy them—sold like brute

Sunday, January 5. Yesterday forenoon I visited
the prisons of the city, accompanied by the
superintendents and two distinguished lawyers.
The outward management of the prisons seems
to me excellent. Order and cleanliness prevail
throughout, as is always the case wherever
the Anglo-American legislates. I noted some
features of the internal management.

I visited some rooms where women accused of
capital offenses were confined. Their dress spoke
of circumstances far removed from poverty, but
their countenances of the prevalence of violent
and evil passions. Among them I remarked one
in particular, a lady charged with the murder of

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