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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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her husband from jealousy, whose whole bearing
denoted boldness and pride.

All these women declared their innocence and
complained of injustice. Each one had her own
apartment, but might avail herself of companionship
in the piazza which surrounded the building
within a court. There sat under this piazza a
group of negro women, apparently enjoying the
sun, which was then shining warmly. They looked
so good and quiet, and they all, especially two
young girls, bore so evidently the stamp of
innocence and of good disposition, that I asked,
with no small degree of astonishment:

“Why are these here? What crimes
have they committed?”

“They have committed no offense whatever,”
was the reply. “But their master having given
security for a person who is now bankrupt, they
are brought in here to prevent their being seized
and sold by auction to cover the demand; and here
they will remain till their master finds an
opportunity of recovering them.”

“You see,” said one of the lawyers, “that it is
to defend them; it is for their advantage that they
are here.”

“How long will they probably remain here?”
I inquired, cogitating within myself as to what
particular advantage could be derived by the

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