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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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within their community, certain divisions or
classes, which elect their own leaders and exhorters.
These exhorters go around at the class-meeting
to such of the members of their class as they
deem to stand in need of consolation or encouragement,
talk to them, aloud or in an under voice,
receive their confessions, impart advice to them,
and so on. I had seen such a class-meeting at
Washington and knew therefore what was the
kind of scene which we might expect. But my
expectations were quite exceeded here. Here we
were nearer the tropical sun than at Washington.

The exhorters went round and began to
converse here and there with the people who sat on
the benches. Scarcely, however, had they talked
for a minute before the person addressed came
into a state of exaltation, and began to speak and
to perorate more loudly and more vehemently
than the exhorter himself, and so to overpower
him. There was one exhorter in particular, whose
black, good-natured countenance was illumined by
so great a degree of the inward light, by so much
good-humor and joy, that it was a pleasure to see
him, and to hear him, too; for, although his
phrases were pretty much the same, and the
same over again, yet they were words full of
Christian pith and marrow, and they were uttered
with so much cordiality, that they could not do

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