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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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saw our tropical exhorter, the man with the sun-bright
countenance, talking to a young negro with
a crooked nose and eyes that squinted, and he too
very soon began to talk and to preach, as he sprang
high into the air, leaping up and down with
incredible elasticity. Whichever way we looked
in the church, we saw somebody leaping up and
fanning the air; the whole church seemed
transformed into a regular bedlam, and the noise and
the tumult was horrible. Still, however, the
exhorters made their rounds with beaming
countenances, as if they were in their right element, and
as if everything were going on as it ought to do.
Presently we saw our hearty exhorter address a
few words to a tall, handsome mulatto woman,
who sat before us, and while he was preaching to
her she began to preach to him; both talked for
some time with evident pleasure, till she also
got into motion and sprang aloft with such
vehemence that three other women took hold of her
by the skirts, as if to hold her still on the earth.
Two of these laughed quietly, while they continued
to hold her down and she to leap up and throw
her arms around. At length she fell and rolled
about amid convulsive groans. After that she
rose up and began to walk about, up and down the
church, with outspread arms, ejaculating every
now and then, “Hallelujah!” Her appearance

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