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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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to us, and, for my own part, I would gladly have
listened to his Christian exhortation, given with
its African ardor. We shook hands, however, in
the name of our common Lord and Master.

And spite of all the irrationality and want of
good taste which may be felt in such scenes, I am
certain that there is in them, although as yet in a
chaotic state, the element of true African worship.
Give only intelligence, order, system to this
outbreak of the warm emotions, longings, and
presentiments of life, and then that which now
appears hideous will become beautiful, that which
is discordant will become harmonious. The children
of Africa may yet give us a form of divine
worship in which invocation, supplication, and
songs of praise may respond to the inner life of
the fervent soul!

How many there are, even in our cold North,
who in their youthful years have felt an Africa
of religious life, and who might have produced
glorious flowers and fruits if it only could have
existed-if it had not been smothered by the snow
and the gray coldness of conventionality-had not
been imprisoned in the stone church of custom.

I have visited some other churches in New Orleans,
a Unitarian, an Episcopalian, and a Catholic
Church, the last with the name dear to me,
that of St. Theresa. But the heavenly spirit of

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