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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Full resolution (TIFF) - On this page / på denna sida - (To Her Majesty, Carolina Amalia, Queen Dowager of Denmark) Cuba, West Indies, April, 1851

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It is a pure and noble joy to behold the
development of the life of freedom in the Northern
States; and in spite of various pernicious offshoots,
which as yet run wild and produce disorder, the
whole presents a glorious spectacle. For the whole
movement of the social system tends upward; it
is a growth of cultivation and improvement which
embraces all classes, every branch of activity, and
which extends to the most remote points, and
includes the most humble individual. It corresponds
with the glorious image of our mythological
Yggdrasill, of which every single leaf derives vital
aliment from the common root, and is watered by
the Norna’s hand from the renovating fountain
of Urda.

Besides, the community has come clearly to feel
within itself, and has clearly and forcibly expressed
the same in word and deed, that it is the duty of the
state so to provide for every individual member that
he may become a perfected human being

Hence the comprehensive and excellent system
of popular education which commenced in the
“Pilgrim” State of Massachusetts, and which has
since been adopted, and is being adopted, with
modifications and improvements, in all the free
States of the Union. On all hands have arisen
free public schools, where children, boys and girls,
in separate schools, receive free education to

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