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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Full resolution (TIFF) - On this page / på denna sida - (To Her Majesty, Carolina Amalia, Queen Dowager of Denmark) Cuba, West Indies, April, 1851

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stand, at the same time, firmer to their principles
than the earth’s Alps and Andes on their foundations,
and govern their troops of young republicans
easier and better than any stern M. A. with
thundering voice and ferrule.

The youthful daughters of America in the free
States of the Union are not kept in ignorance and
inactivity, as are still the greater number of the
young girls of Europe. They are early taught
that they must rely upon God and themselves if
they would win esteem and independent worth;
they leave home early to enter the schools, where
opportunity is afforded them to advance as far
as young men in study and the sciences, and where
they prove that the sciences, which have hitherto
been considered as too difficult for them, are as
easy for them to acquire as that superficial knowledge
and accomplishment to which hitherto their
education has been restricted. They distinguish
themselves in mathematics, algebra, the physical
sciences, the ancient languages, at least in Latin,
and many other hitherto interdicted branches of
learning; and their written compositions, in verse
and prose, show an unusual purity of style, and,
considering their age, clearness of thought and
expansion of mental horizon. It is evident that
the spirit of the New World has unbound their
intellectual wings and permitted them a free flight

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