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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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over the fields of earth. The American woman
is being formed for a citizen of the world; she is
teaching herself to embrace the whole of humanity.
Such is evidently the intention of her school
education, even if an adequate system be yet wanting.
Girls may from these schools also advance
into the high schools and ladies’ academies, in
which they can graduate and take diplomas, and,
provided with these, go out as teachers over the
whole Union. . . .

I mentioned a growth of cultivation and
improvement which in the free States embraces the
entire community, and spoke of popular education
as its most essential power. This, and many
institutions favorable to human development,
belong to these States; but, besides these, there is
a movement, a free development in popular life,
which may be compared to the circulation of the
sap in a vigorous, growing tree. Free associations
now take the place of the old guilds and corporations
as regulators and promoters of all the
various interests and functions of the social
system. Thus have religious, moral, and industrial
corporations arisen within the great community,
and in faithful adherence to it, at the same time
that the good will and the divers powers and
talents of each individual are made available to its
highest interests. The United States represents,

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