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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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at the same time, the highest development of the
individual and the public at large. This internal,
social movement of humanity is assisted from
without by the free circulation and communication
which is afforded by the numerous navigable rivers
of North America, upon which thousands of
steamboats go and come; and in still later years
by the railroads and telegraphic lines which
extend over all parts of America, from state to state,
and from city to city. The great diffusion of
newspapers within the country, of every book which
wins the love of the popular heart, of that religious
popular literature which, in millions of small
works, “tracts” or tales, is poured forth over the
nation like morning dew or a shower of manna—these
all belong essentially to this life-giving circulation,
and wherever the Anglo-American advances,
the same cultivation, the same vitality arises.
He accomplishes with astonishing certainty
his mission as cultivator of the New World,
and the framer of free, self-governing communities;
and not even the institution of slavery is able
to withstand the power of cultivation which
advances with him over the earth.

Wherever the sons and daughters of the Pilgrims
find their way, there are established homes,
schools, and churches, shops, and legislative
assemblies; the free press, hotels for strangers, and

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