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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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shock occasioned by a swell of the waves which
dashed us against the bank and made old St. Matthew
creak in all his joints. But he did not go
to pieces, as sometimes happens under such
circumstances, in which case we should all infallibly
have gone to the bottom; so that we had nothing
to complain of.

Several of the passengers left the vessel at
various colonies and plantations by the way, so that
it became less crowded and more agreeable; and
I enjoyed inexpressibly the glorious morning and
the journey up the river.

St. John’s River—in the Indian language, Welaka,
or the Lake-River—is like a chain of larger
and smaller lakes, linked together by narrow but
deep shores, the wonderful scenery of which is
scarcely to be imagined, if none similar to it have
been seen before. Here is again primeval forest
such as I saw on the Savannah River, but still
richer in its productions, because Welaka flows,
for the greater part, under a tropical sky, and
below the boundary which frost approaches. We
see here thick groves and belts of palmettoes; here
are wild orange-groves laden with brilliant fruit
which there are no hands to gather; masses of
climbing plants, vanilla, wild vines, convolvuli,
and many others, cover the shores in indescribable
luxuriance, forming themselves into clumps and

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