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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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of small, poisonous, noxious creatures. But more
dangerous than all is the pleasant air which comes
laden, during the summer, with the miasmas of
the primeval forests and the river, bringing to the
colonist fever and slowly consuming diseases, and
causing these wondrously beautiful shores still to
lack human inhabitants. Small settlements have
been commenced here and there on the river, but
have, after a few years, been deserted and left to

It is, however, precisely this primeval life in the
wilderness, this wild, luxuriant beauty, defying the
power of man, and vigorous in its own affluence,
which is so unspeakably interesting to me, and
which supplies me with an incessant festival. And
the air is so pleasant, and the magnolias so full of
flower, the river so full of life, alligators and fishes
splashing about, large and beautiful water-fowl on
all hands—everything is so luxuriant, so wonderfully
rich, wild, and lovely, it is a never-ending
fairy scene, especially in the evenings,
when the moon rises and throws her mystic
half light and half shadow into the arches
and pillared aisles of these marvelous natural

The only annoyance I experienced the whole
way was the lust of shooting which possessed one
of the passengers in particular, who was not

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