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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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legislative power of the state. It delighted me to see
America progress in its democratic tendencies,
faithful to its fundamental principles; for if the
new steps which are now taken in this direction
do not produce an immediate advantage, still they have done
much for the great popular education
of a conscious public existence which is hereby

In the large rotunda-like entrance to the Capitol
stands a statue of Washington, executed by
the French sculptor, Houdon. I do not know
when I have seen a nobler work of art, or one
which more perfectly represented the ideal human
being in every-day reality. It is Washington,
the President, with the large chin, the somewhat
stiff figure, in the old-fashioned costume; and yet
it is, at the same time, the type of the man of the
New World, with that noble, self-conscious,
well-balanced mind which the Americans talk about as
the highest excellence, in harmony with itself,
certain of its own course and its own object, resolute
in persevering to the end, asking advice from no one
but the Divine Counselor. He has bound
his sword to the column and now stands by the
plow, resting calmly in himself, without pride,
but without hesitation or doubt; the grand,
intellectual glance looking out into the future! In
truth it is a glorious figure, a glorious statue,

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